ALASKA CABLE (Historic Information)

A cable runs from Seattle and Port Townsend, to all the most important commercial stations on the Coast as far north as Seward, including Ketchikan, Hadley, Wrangell, Petersburg, Juneau, Sitka, Skaguay, Haines Mission, Fort Liscum, Cordova and Valdez, in all 2.592 miles, to which more is being added from time to time. The phone lines, telegraph and wireless branches in Alaska are feeders. Almost any well known point in Alaska can be reached now by cable, wireless, or wire communication or all combined. The Government has supplemented its Coast service by a system of wireless stations, which work well at night but not during the day. The United Wireless, a corporation, has almost duplicated the Government wires and wireless in Alaska, and it assumes the private business of the country.

The cable-ship Burnsides is always busy repairing, or extending cable, and although the Government expense has been large, the income justifies it.

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