CHANDALAK RIVER (Historic Information)

In 1907 another rush was made, this time to Big Creek, about 75 miles over the divide from Coldfoot. Big Creek is one of the upper branches of the Chandalar river. In winter about a hundred men work by means of steam boilers and in summer perhaps (wo hundred others are added, (he annual output may be $100,000. Boats from Yukon ascend the Chandalar a hundred miles, from which the camp is easily reached.

One of the first to take a boiler into that country, in telling me his experience said: "It was so cold in winter that he was required to remove the water from (he boiler as soon as he stopped firing, and that the water would freeze and burst the boiler if he filled it before he started the fire. But if he built the fire first he would burn the boiler, consequently he was obliged to build a slow fire and fill the boiler as the fire started.

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