FORT WILLIAM H. SEWARD (Historic Information)

Alaskans everywhere try to erect monuments to the honor of Secretarv Seward, who purchased it forty-two years ago. That is reason enough for siving his name to towns, forts, rivers, mines and so many other matters and places. Fort Seward is but one of these monuments.

All the attractions in the category of nature, from dense woods to barren rocks; from ocean level to ice-capped, cloud-covered peaks; from the soft, balmy breeze off the ocean current to the Arctic blizzard from over the Pass, may be found here. If this port was in any other part of the world in sixty degrees north latitude as it is, it would be frozen over half the year.

Icebergs float near by all the year, but the climate is never very cold, and in summer real "cow cream" (for the other is the stand-by of the miner) may be had from the dairy, and strawberries, blueberries or raspberries from the vine. The ice trust has no monopoly; when the article is wanted, a berg can be lassoed near at hand, blue cold, clear and clean, perhaps frozen nfty years ago. when it commenced its descent from the summit of a mountain and liberated but a day. I can testify that they cannot be surpassed for ice cream purposes.

I climbed a small mountain near the fort and took a view of the surrounding country, out to the ocean; upon the Fairweather Range: up the Chilkat. and everywhere the most awe-inspiring sights gladdened my soul. Fort William H. Seward is one of the most beautiful spots in Alaska.

A Government boat in time of need can convey the soldiers to Skagway. where they can be taken into the interior by the railroad, or up and down the coast, wherever they may be needed. The fort could not resist a squad of quail hunters, but it looks well kept, and breaks the monotony, which is the only use we have for such things on this coast.

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