FORT YUKON (Historic Information)

Fort Yukon was located in 1847, on Russian territory, at the confluence of the Porcupine with the Yukon by the Hudson Bay Company, for which it paid rent to the Russian Fur Company. The Fort was destroyed by the Indians once, and has been moved and rebuilt several times. It is a hundred miles farther north than Nome. Here the Alaska traveler is north of the Arctic circle, an opportunity rarely enjoyed by tourists. Volumes have been written concerning the experience of the Hudson Bay Company. Russian American Fur Company and Western Union Telegraph Company from Ft. Selkirk to the mouth of the Yukon. Going down the river from Ft. Selkirk, Ogilvie, at the confluence of the famous Sixty Mile creek, Dawson, the metropolis of the Klondike, about one-third as large as in the boom days, Eagle on the line, Forty Mile on the gold creek by that name, Circle. Ft. Yukon, Ft. Hamlin, Rampart. Tanana, Ft. Gibbons, Nulato, Kaltag, Anvil. Holy Cross, Ikogmut, Andreafsky are the important stations, more than half of which have been known for two thirds of a century.

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