TANANA (Alaska Historic Information)

The gold output of the Tanana, Yukon district, now approximates fifty million dollars, of which the vicinity of Fairbanks produces two-thirds.

The gold seems to originate in two formations, one of metamorphic schist, the other in greenstones. The elements of ages have been collecting the particles in the creek bottoms, benches and gorges from which the placer miner has taken about all the gold produced. In this territory, as in all others, the mother lodes are sought after the placers have been worked, and paying rock has already been located. In a country so rich it may be expected that modern machinery, like Treadwell, will soon be at work here.

Boats in summer almost daily go up the Tanana, and with the aid of a railroad, supply the mining district from the boast on the Yukon.

Fairbanks and Chena are busy places all the year through, the former named in honor of Vice-President Fairbanks, of Indiana, who has done more than any other one person for Alaska. Ex-President Harrison and Senator Beverage, also of that stale, have the honor of being loyal advocates of Alaska's needs in the past.

Alfred H. Brooks and his able assistants in the department of geological surveys have blazed the rocks pointing out the gold and mineral prospects in new districts, just as plainly as Major Richardson has blazed the trees along the trails leading to them. To all unsinted praise should be given.

The laws, government and administration of Alaska affairs and its courts have been unsatisfactory in general, and at times neglected, abandoned or fraudulently applied. The same difficulty may be again and again expected as long as Alaska is governed from Washington, D. C.

Alaska has always been a kind of "football" kicked about by the Hudson Bay Company, Russian American Fur Company, Alaska Commercial Company and various departments at Washington, without any regard for conserving its resources, but rather for getting all out of it possible and putting nothing back in return.

The congressional delegation of the State of Washington, and the commercial organizations of Seattle, have assumed the leadership in the attempt to obtain relief in the matters of governmental improvement, and already increased appropriations and attentions have been extended.

The products of Alaska have approximated $300,000,000. Its exports lor 1908 were $36,000,000. Its total trade with the states $46,000,000.

It possesses more undeveloped Gold, Coal and Copper than any other state or country; its climate is superior to Northern Asia or Europe; it has fish enough for the whole world, and its agricultural possibilities are great.

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