WILD GAME BIRDS (Historic Information)

Alaska is the great breeding ground of the water birds which annually migrate southerly in winter. These include ducks, geese, swans, snipe, curlew sandpipers, and a host of others which all resort in thousands to the open tundras and valleys of the far north during the breeding season. Three varieties of ptarmigan inhabit the higher mountain tops of the coast and interior, and the tundras of Bering Sea and Arctic Coast, including all the Aleutian Islands. Five species of grouse are timber birds. Countless numbers of gulls and other sea-birds breed on the tundras of Bering Sea and rocky coast islands. The Government has set aside seven bird reserves in Alaska, the largest, between the mouths of the Yukon and Kuskokwim Rivers. The others are small isolated islands—St. Matthew, Hall and Pinnacle, Walrus, Otter, and Bogoslof in Bering Sea; Fire, Chisik, and Egg in Cook Inlet; St. Lazaría in Sitka Sound.

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